Application Form FRIGID New York 2019

February 20th through March 10th 2019

A Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) and
United States Associate of Fringe Festivals (USAFF) Member.
Presented by:

85 East 4th Street
NY NY 10003
(212) 777-6088

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Please review the GENERAL APPLICATION INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS before you proceed. You will be asked to agree that you've read it and understand its contents.


No emails, no snail mail.

The First 15 are in and I am very excited about some of these. We are now holding up to 4 spots for the CAFF Touring lottery. The remaining spots for a total of 30 festival shows will be assigned during the "Halloween Lottery" on Monday October 31. Up to 10 additional companies will be drawn for the Waiting List during the Halloween Lottery. Application cut-off time is Halloween: 12 NOON on Oct 31, 2018.

Participating companies receive 5 or 6 performances and keep 100% of the box office.


ALL applications to FRIGID New York must be submitted via this online form ONLY between Labor Day (12:00:00 am Monday Sept 3) and Halloween (12 NOON Monday October 31) Eastern Standard Time.

When you apply, you WILL be immediately charged the application fee. If you get into the festival either by being one of the first 15 on Labor Day, or pulled in the Halloween lottery, you will be charged $800 immediately, then charged the balance of the Performance Fee, $300 if you are assigned the larger venue in December.

FEES (all fees in USD):

Application Fee = $35.00

Performance Fee The Kraine Theater (99 seats) = $1100.00
Under St Marks Theater (45 seats) = $ 800.00

For full venue specs, go to and navigate to the "Rentals" section.

Fee payments may ONLY be made by credit card (to be entered below).

The Basics


  • A fully prepared, rights secured, audience ready production, NO MORE THAN 60 minutes long.
  • All Information for festival (i.e. technical, promotional, etc.) ON TIME when requested.
  • A set ticket price of no more than $20 (rounded to the nearest dollar).
  • All your production/travel/food/ production/royalties/union fees/misc. expenses.
  • Your own handout promotional materials (pictures, reviewer packets, flyers, posters, programs etc.) for distribution at the door.
  • ANY & ALL-additional technical equipment other than the lighting plot and basic sound equipment we provide (i.e. microphones, strobes, fog machines, keyboards, etc.).


  • A minimum of 5 performances.
  • Performers are assigned to one of the Horse Trade venues -- the Kraine Theater or UNDER St. Marks -- outfitted with a a full lighting plot and basic sound equipment.
  • The Festival provides one technician for your production. The Technician usually operates the lighting board and basic sound. It is required that every company supply a stage manager and any additional operators as needed by their production.
  • Inclusion on the Festival website and overall event publicity.
  • And, most importantly, companies receive 100% of their box office receipts.



Take care when providing us with information.

Proof read your responses before submitting. Most information may be changed down the line, ONLY changing a show title involves a $50 fee.

FRIGID will reproduce data EXACTLY as it is written here - we do NOT correct improper capitals or misspellings. Our assumption is that you have included such anomalies as a marketing or artistic choice. You will be emailed a confirmation of your language in November, and you will have a chance to make changes in your text. Changing show titles has a $50 fee.


Proof read your responses. Make certain you are satisfied they are complete.

At the end of the questions on the next page, you will see a "next step" button, this button will take you to the final submission page. The final submission button will come to life at midnight at the beginning labor day. You will need to refresh the page and press the button. The first 15 to press the button are in, then next applicants will be placed into the "Halloween Lottery".

Wherever possible, respond to all the questions. Where a choice is offered, select the most appropriate option even if it's not a perfect match. If you have no response to a no required question, leave it blank. Required information is indicated with a red * and the form will not be sent if that area is not complete. Please click the "next step" button well before midnight so you know you have entered everything you need before the race is on.